"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." John 17:17
Pastor John Niehaus was raised in a Roman Catholic home. Despite being religious, he had no peace in his heart and questioned the rituals and traditions he had been taught.

    After graduating from high school, he heard the gospel for the first time while working at his job in Blue Ash, Ohio.  He and his friends frequented a bar across the street during lunch and after work.  Thelma, a Christian co-worker, quoted verses to him and his friends about salvation and the evil of drinking.  He and his friends made fun of Thelma, but he never forgot her witness.

    At age 21, he was invited to go to the Tabernacle Gospel Church by a friend named Judy. Deciding to go, he was surprised by the preaching and joyful singing.  Two Sundays later, he walked the aisle during the invitation, repented of his religion and self-righteousness, and called upon Jesus Christ to save his soul.

    After witnessing to his family but to no avail, he determined to move out of his parents home to continue following God's direction in his life.  The Gospel Tabernacle Church was a Nazarene church, but Jim Emerson, the associate pastor, believed Baptistic doctrines and it was he who discipled Pastor Niehaus. After Jim Emerson past away unexpectedly, Pastor Niehaus, now 23, left the church and starting attending Bible Baptist Church in South Lebanon, Ohio. It was there he met Kim Herrin who had gotten saved as a teenager and a friendship quickly developed between them.

    As their friendship deepened, they courted by going to revival services.  One place they visited was Mt. Hope Baptist Church for a December 31st “watch-night” service. They got married in 1978 and joined Mt. Hope Baptist Church where Wayne Mund was the pastor and ran a Bible school.  Over the next four years, Pastor Niehaus attended Bible school, taught Sunday school class, and became a deacon. He also started working in Mt. Hope Christian Academy when it was started by Brother Mund in 1980.

    God blessed Pastor Niehaus and his wife with three children. In 1985, Brother Wayne Mund resigned the church to go back to Alabama and start Fishers of Men Ministries. Under new pastor Rodger Randall, Pastor Niehaus quit his job at the United States post office and worked full-time as school principal and associate pastor. Brother Randall resigned in 1993, and Pastor Niehaus was unanimously voted in the following Sunday. Brother John is now  Doctor John Niehaus. He got his doctorate from a Christian College in Florida in April.

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