"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." John 17:17

Are You Really Looking For The Lord To Come

Author: Bro. Jerry Sayres

This is a poem about looking for the LORD to come,
The day we fly home with Jesus, God's only begotten Son.

It will be a time we go to Heaven, knowing that eternity has just begun,
But we are also are going to be judged, for our good and bad that we have done.

We should be telling of salvation to our family and friends without fear,
That is the reason, that the Lord has left us down here.

We let the flesh, the world and the devil lull us to sleep,
To forget to tell how bad Hell is, and not make a peep.

God wants us to be real caring people, and not to be a Pharisee,
Christ in us "The Hope Of Glory", is what he wants lost people to see.

We need to think each morning, this could be the day the LORD comes back?
To much of the flesh and the world, and it is the spiritual thoughts we lack.

We worry to much about what is going on in our world today,
Don't worry about the world, be excited that Jesus is on his way!

Are you tired of making excuses and lies of the things we should do,
Time spent reading our Bible and praying for people is just to few.

I know I get excited when men talk about the rapture or being taken up in the air,
I really don't care what you call it, I just know I will be there!

I know I am looking for the LORD, and with this world I am done,
How about you, "Are You Really Looking For The LORD To Come?"

The Enemies We Can't See

Author: Bro. Jerry Sayres
This is a poem of the enemies of Christians, that we can't see,
They are the things that derail us, to be the Christians that we need to be.
We know about the Devil who tries to destroy our testimony hour after hour,
God calls him a "Roaring Lion" seeking to see who he can devour.
We find out about the wiles of the Devil and the darts that he throws,
We learn by reading the Holy Word, and find out that God already knows.
This poem is not about the tricks of the Devil, we know what they are,
It is about the enemies we don't see that come in under radar.
We have eyes that are always looking for something to lust after,
You can be a man or woman, it really doesn't matter.
We are good at justifying our actions of sin to make us look OK,
Keep up with all of our reasonings of not doing right, takes us all day.
We have vain imaginations and wicked thoughts that roll around in our head,
Wicked thoughts need to go and put in the thoughts of God instead.
We also have pride which is probably the worst enemy of all,
We know with pride cometh contention and a haughty spirit before a fall.
When you know that a brother is struggling to fight his own enemy,
Don't be to quick to judge, because tomorrow that could be you or me.
We all probably have enemies different from each other,
Remember when you get rid of one enemy, there will always be another.
I am not sure on how many of enemies there could be,
These are just a few of "the enemies we can't see".

The Legend of "Johnny The Baptist" Campbell

Author: Bro. Jerry Sayres 
This is a poem of the legend of "Johnny the Baptist" Campbell,
Not everybody has heard about him, but the devil knows him well!
"Johnny the Baptist" knows who he works for, it's Jesus Christ our Lord,
He fights the Devil daily with the KJV Bible, that's a two edged sword.
The first time you see him, you might be stunned or surprised,
You might ask yourself, is he going to fight the devil, a man of his size?
He stands tall behind the pulpit as he sweat, spits, and turns red at sin,
That will let you know you got "Johnny the Baptist" and not the Reverend Benny Hinn!
When he gets behind the pulpit, you never know for sure what he will do,
All I can say is, this is going to be a bumpy ride, better hand on to your pew!
What illustrations or items he will use, nobody knows,
It might be a hammer and nail, a broom, or a whiskey bottle with a rose.
He has compassion for the lost and gives the message on how to be saved,
Eternal life in Heaven is a whole lot better then a dark dirty grave.
He tells us backslide Christians who are not doing right,
Quit whining and complaining, and get back in the fight!
Johnny has traveled a lot of miles, weeks on end, and also day and night,
Why he keeps going, is to fight that "Old Devil", "Ain't That Right"!
There is not many men like Johnny, that preach the truth today,
It is not on how he brings the message, it still what he has to say.
I hope Johnny will take this poem as a jester in fun,
It's a kind of "ATTA BOY" for what he has done.
What this man has sacrificed in his life is more then we could handle,
That's why he is a legend "Johnny the Baptist Campbell".

The Right Place

Author: Bro. Jerry Sayres
This is a poem about making sure you are in the right place,
The best place to be in, is to have your sins forgiven, by God's amazing Grace.
The right place doesn't always have to be a certain location,
It can be working to get closer to God, and going in the right direction.
It is always best to wait on God and don't get in a hurry.
Trusting in what God wants, and staying away from worry.
You should know and believe in what God says he will do,
You should also know that his concern is always for the best for you.
Don't put yourself in higher Bible knowledge level, then what you really know,
In what little Bible I can tell you is, Galations 6:3 is where you need to go.
Having the understanding on what the flesh, world, and devil will tell is going to be wrong,
Resisting temptation and desire shows that once you were weak and now you are strong.
Trust in god and always believe in his Amazing Grace,
Stay away from doubt and you will be in the right place.
Never quit looking for our Saviour to be coming back,
Always to be ready to go and have your bags packed.
For some day soon we are going to stand in front of Jesus, and see his glowing face,
Then we will all know for sure, that we are in "The Right Place."

© 2019 Mt. Hope Baptist Church