"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." John 17:17


Author: Sis. Carol Alsip 

All my life I had heard of God's gift,
But I closed my mind as my own way I went.

The way was so subtle I noticed it not,
Till I got to the door - that was so very hot.

That's when I realized - where my way had led me,
I had followed the world - as blind as could be.

Then I called out to God with a frightened plea,
Oh God, please God won't you please save me?

I would not have blamed Him - had he turned me away,
But instead He became my Saviour - that day.

His infinite mercy and love He did give,
So that souls such as mine may always live.

I remember the day that he saved my soul,
From the firey pit - as I had been told.

He covered my sins - with his precious blood,
He covered them all - like they were under a flood.

Thru His grace and mercy He gave me sight,
And led me so gently with His wonderous light.


Author: Sis. Carol Alsip
He Picked me up when I was down
He saved me and loved me and turned me around
He gave me a better life than I had
I was very happy when he took all the bad
He cleaned up my mouth, my head, and my heart
He taught me to worship and set me apart
I didn't even have far to search
He brought me to a wonderful church
A good pastor and wonderful people
Even though it has no steeple
We really love and care for each other
We're all one family sister and brother
So when the Dare's leave we'll all be sad
But they're going in God's will and that makes us glad
Our prayers will be with them and pray they'll be fine
And hope they will come back to see us sometime.


Author: Sis. Carol Alsip 
When I think of times long past
I'm glad Jesus got my attention at last
He took me down roads so dark & dreary
I hid from His light until I was weary
I know He thought I would never learn
But one day I knew I had no where to turn
If God had let me go on my way
I might have been very happy today
My happiness would only have lasted a spell
Then I would surely have gone on to Hell
So the Lord let me go thru the mire & the mud
So He could save me with His precious blood.
So when I think back on those days long ago
I think my Saviour for loving me so
If you are down & have no where to go
Go to the Saviour, He'll save you I know
So if you feel empty and dead inside
Just lift up your eyes and look toward the sky
© 2019 Mt. Hope Baptist Church